Healing is returning to clear, to our original state of vitality, not simply lacking illness. 

This SBL Healing Certification class will create those most senior in the SBL healing lineage--those certified directly by Spanda Makt. Lineage is very important in energy healing. The closer you are to the founder the more direct your connection to the energy. Your connection to Supreme Bright Light healing depends on the spiritual level of who teaches you. 

Several energy healing modalities exist. Each has a certain quality depending on the Enlightenment of the Founder. Supreme Bright Light is a specific intelligent energy introduced to Earth by Spanda Makt. 

Supreme Bright Light heals with "cosmic fire," the energy of divine energy in spiritual light form. This light energy blasts spiritual clouds apart and practitioner is taught how to clear the energy. 

80 percent of karma is not the fault of the individual. It is possible to remove the negative family karma with this healing energy. Once cleared, destiny is improved making it easier for good fortune to manifest .

The Arrow of Time: 

Positive time flow is ruled by love and progress energies. Giving love and constant self improvement; self improvement and giving love as a way of life. 

Negative time flow is ruled by energy being thrown away to a negative view of the past (anger), a negative view of the present (limiting beliefs), or a negative view of the future (fear). 

Shamanic Time: 

Time as a circle of fate. Events are archetypal and while the world changes and people are born and die, the same themes are played out over and over as if some kind of cosmic theater were occurring. 

Both the Arrow of Time and Shamanic Time co-exist and are equally true. These space and time multi-dimensional realities are taught and practiced within Supreme Bright Light training. 

Level one of Supreme Bright Light teaches about the "physics of spiritual light” and certifies someone to be a supreme bright light healer. Those completing the two day course will receive a certificate of accomplishment as an official Supreme Bright Light Healer. 


$444 TUITION each Level

Level 2 Offers advanced training for those who wish to go deeper

Level 3 is Teacher Training

Level 4 is Training to certify Teachers.

Levels 1 & 2 offered as part of a Retreat. Levels 3 and 4 offered as separate Retreats


Spanda beautifully "paints what he sees" and speaks on your Soul's Purpose and answers to your most important life questions


This is about the Art of Life Mastery, and being empowered with all the tools to create the masterpiece that is your life.

Soul Portraits speak to the creation of personality "on purpose,” versus being at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings.

Spanda had a moment of self realization at four years of age wherein everything became dazzlingly brighter and a voice said: "Always Remember this Moment.” His life journey guided him to practice meditation for three hours everyday for six years. He currently offers intuitive consultations, Soul Coaching and guest speaking since 1992.

Spanda has helped thousands of people find Romance, Success and Health... After session with Spanda, people report huge shifts in their lives, including miraculous healing such as an end to migraine headaches (after just one session), or ailments such as limping.

Some ideas to prepare for your session:

~ Please consider what you eat and drink on the day of your session, drinking lots of water and eating foods that are as natural and nutritious as possible.

~ Please allow up to two hours time for the session.

~ You can come with prepared questions or not. You can ask about anything past, present or future. Most people ask about health, relationships and success.

~ Your session will be audio recorded in MP3 format. If you bring a laptop, you can upload the MP3 immediately after the session, or I can email a link of the recording for you.

Spanda’s sessions are not only available in person locally, but all over the world using Zoom and by phone anywhere in the USA. Both as a Public Speaker and Psychic and Seminar Leader, his work has taken him to Japan, Norway, Hawaii, New York, Colorado, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego