Meditation Training

Soul Based Living Meditation is taught by Raul Rosiles. Raul himself has practiced meditation for three hours a day for six years. Reach deeper levels of meditation with someone who has mastered this practice and can transmit powerful energies to help your practice. Meditation will also help you all aspects of life, especially in love, wisdom, compassion, will power, courage, health and vitality. 

Raul travels internationally bringing what he calls "cosmic fire"--the light of enlightenment manifested in our physical universe--to people. Soul Based Living is a spiritual community that offers ageless wisdom and is based on the law of correspondence, much like Dependent Origination or Holographic Universe Theory. SBL is based on nine values: love, inspiration, wisdom, perception, imagination, truth, beauty, excellence and gratitude. 

Soul Based Living Meditation is part of the SBL student program. The students of Raul Rosiles have created a meditation group to further grow the practice and spread the word. The current Soul Based Living Meditation group page can be accessed here. This group meets most Sundays at sunset in scenic and quiet locations throughout the L.A. Area. 

If you would like to join or sponsor the meditation group, or if you are interested in learning more about SBL's formal meditation training program, please contact Lilly at (818-306-7317).