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SBL Directors

SBL Directors lead all the Sangha, or students of SBL ,in their journey of self discovery


Lilly Safarian

Poet & Teacher

 Lilly is an Armenian-American poet from Los Angeles, California. She has been performing and writing poetry since 2015 in San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and more. Her poetry has an international focus primarily on love, spirituality, art, meditation, womanhood, nature and ethics. She graduated from San Diego State University with degrees in Finance and Philosophy.

In the past she has performed at Queen Bee’s in San Diego, the Human Experience in Las Vegas, the Poetry Club in Orange County and the Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles. She has also curated her own show, Spoken Meditations with harpist, Ricky Rasura in San Jose. Her Spiritual Name is Vasudhara, which means 'stream of gems'.


Darren Becket

Darren provide practical health services & custom wellness experiences that inspire people to live healthier and happier lives.

As a health coach he has helped thousands of individuals to create fun, healthy and successful lives. As a wellness curator I facilitate/create wellness programs and experiences for occasions and businesses of all kinds. 

Darren’s expertise in the healing arts, experience as an athlete, and educational background in conflict mediation, has given him the tools needed to help his clients create and inspire lives full of vitality, clarity and purpose. He has coached professional athletes to recover from debilitating injuries, guided actors to stay sane, fit and injury free for big screen roles, assisted seniors to be healthy into their 90’s, and run global health initiatives and wellness experiences at luxury residences, hotels, corporate offices, festivals and conferences: Cannes Lions, Murad Skincare, Manduka, Netflix, Proper, Nobu Hotels, Warner Bros Music, Four Seasons, Snapchat, and Equinox.

Kayla Ferguson

Creative. Professional. Kayla is based in Denver, Colorado. She specialize in writing and event & program management. 

After spending seven years in Hollywood working as a freelance filmmaker as well as for both a global talent agency and major television studio, she decided to take some time to experience the world rather than watch other people do it on the big (and small) screen. From May 2015 to May 2016 she traveled through Asia, Europe and South America, expanding her cultural horizons and building her career capital by working as a creative development consultant for various companies and individuals in the United States, Bollywood, Europe and South America. 

She now works as a Program Manager for the Davis Phinney Foundation, merging her passions for creative design, event management and health and wellness.


Soul Based Living Sangha

SBL Sangha work directly with Spanda Makt on an ongoing basis either locally or internationally.


Amanda Darling

International DJ, Music Producer, and Vocalist  Having built a loyal following in the Trance world, Amanda Darling is now integrating a 2nd genre of music called “Future Wave”, which takes its inspiration from synth pop of the 1980’s.

Amanda plays the keytar live during her DJ sets. She has completed diverse creative works including Earth Tones (2016), EXIST (2017) and two singles due for release in 2018. She has collaborated with Shardad Rohani, one of the most respected Classical-style composers alive today. She has become well known in the Los Angeles area, having performed on the main stage at top night clubs including Avalon Hollywood (Resident) and Exchange LA. She also performed in Nevada (EDC Las Vegas), Utah (DAS Energi Festval) and internationally in Korea (ULTRA). She has opened for some of the top names in the industry, including BT, Hardwell, Heatbeat, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and radio legend, Judge Jules. She has been a regular on Los Angeles FM radio, and has her own popular monthly podcast, AXION.

Amanda Darling’s vision combines retro nostalgia with cosmic visualizers and one-of-a-kind storytelling.


Danielle Vergara

Danielle, aka Dani, trained under Anuja Chaudhri receiving her 200-HR teacher training at Almaden Yoga. Her first and lasting impression of yoga was as a skeptical teenager. After constant encouragement from an elderly yogi at the gym, her curiosity took over and she attended a yoga class.

There was the physical challenge that surprised her and a blissful feeling that kept her intrigued. Danielle’s knowledge of yoga was only surface level at that time but her passion was ignited.After inconsistent practice and some years of no practice, Danielle explored different types of yoga before finding Almaden Yoga. Here, she became more disciplined in her practice. Her curiosity guides her through the philosophical side of yoga as well as the physical Asana, building strength and stability while creating a sound body, mind and spirit.



Stefania Barr

Stefania is an actor, musician, and filmmaker from Park City, Utah. From the Disney Channel to the Sundance Institute, performing alongside groups such as Imagine Dragons & Neon Trees, and garnering international outreach through her work, Stefania has already had a rich career in the entertainment industry at a young age.

In addition to performing arts, Stefania is a technician in recording engineering, and cinema. She has a bachelors in Digital Media, and her work varies from being in front of and behind the scenes. In addition to her work in entertainment, Stefania offers personal coaching/mentoring in music and acting, and is beginning to engage in public speaking. She is an avid believer in helping others achieve their potential in life: professionally, personally and spiritually. Stefania is an advocate for listening, kindness, and petting as many dogs and cats as is possible.


Spanda’s Birth Place




The Devotees of Spanda Makt. Those that pledge great devotion to the Three Treasures SBL: Teacher, Teachings, and Community. This inner circle has dedicated themselves to help Future Buddha with her/ his mission in any life time where Master and Student find each other other.



Sanskrit words meaning Noble Community Member. Spanda defines this as a Community Leader



Sanskrit word meaning "association,assembly, or company;" a Community Member and Formal Student. Spanda defines Sangha as one who is devoted to the community as a member of our family. Sangha practice both work on self to subtract anger, fear, and limiting beliefs as well as giving service to the world.



Emergent Sangha is one who is in the process of becoming a formal student; an initiatory and formative time of intense healings and blessings to become more clear and whole.



Sanskrit word meaning "one who is associated with the Truth." Spanda defines this one as being casually associated, one who comes or goes as a friend or guest, without practicing the teachings, and without making any heart felt commitment to the community. These people however enjoy the energy and information and sometimes are of service to the community and sometimes make offerings.