SBL Healing Certification

Healing is returning to clear, to our original state of vitality, not simply lacking illness. 

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This FIRST SBL Healing Certification class will create those most senior in the SBL healing lineage--those certified directly by Raul Rosiles. Lineage is very important in energy healing. The closer you are to the founder the more direct your connection to the energy. Your connection to Supreme Bright Light healing depends on the spiritual level of who teaches you. 

Several energy healing modalities exist. Each has a certain quality depending on the Enlightenment of the Founder. Supreme Bright Light is a specific intelligent energy introduced to Earth by Raul Rosiles. 

Supreme Bright Light heals with "cosmic fire," the energy of divine energy in spiritual light form. This light energy blasts spiritual clouds apart and practitioner is taught how to clear the energy. 

80 percent of karma is not the fault of the individual. It is possible to remove the negative family karma with this healing energy. Once cleared, destiny is improved making it easier for good fortune to manifest .

The Arrow of Time: 

Positive time flow is ruled by love and progress energies. Giving love and constant self improvement; self improvement and giving love as a way of life. 

Negative time flow is ruled by energy being thrown away to a negative view of the past (anger), a negative view of the present (limiting beliefs), or a negative view of the future (fear). 

Shamanic Time: 

Time as a circle of fate. Events are archetypal and while the world changes and people are born and die, the same themes are played out over and over as if some kind of cosmic theater were occurring. 

Both the Arrow of Time and Shamanic Time co-exist and are equally true. These space and time multi-dimensional realities are taught and practiced within Supreme Bright Light training. 

Level one of Supreme Bright Light teaches about the "physics of spiritual light and certifies someone to be a supreme bright light healer. Those completing the weekend course will receive a certificate of accomplishment as an official Supreme Bright Light Healer. 

A limited number of Soul Portrait sessions will also be available. 

SUPREME BRIGHT LIGHT. "To help reduce administrative costs, we ask that, if possible, when registering for the event via the PayPal link you pay with a linked bank account instead of a credit or debit card. Thank you!"

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The best airport to fly into is Denver International (DIA). From there there are a couple of ways to get to Boulder. By following signs to the transportation center, you can very easily catch the AB bus that drops off in Central Boulder and at various places nearby. The cost for the ticket is $9 and can be purchased at the bus terminal. Once in Boulder, it is easy to walk or catch a cheap Lyft ride to accommodation. Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber from the airport to Boulder are also an option, however they cost quite a bit more, anywhere between $45-$75. 

Transportation around Boulder is relatively easy but also dependent on where people are staying in relation to the event space. Because Boulder is a pretty walkable city and parking can sometimes be difficult, I think the most cost effective way to get around Boulder is via Lyft or Uber. That being said car rentals from DIA can be very affordable, some as cheap as $20-30/day for people who want to have the freedom to explore some of the other areas around Boulder. Rental cars can be booked prior to arrival, or there are number of kiosks in the main terminal at DIA near baggage claim that are easy to locate. 


I would recommend Airbnb as the most cost effective way to find accommodation in Boulder. For those interested in a hotel/motel, here are a couple to look at:

1. Best Western Plus Boulder Inn

2. Millennium Harvest House Boulder

3. Basecamp Hotel

4. Boulder Twin Lakes Inn

5. Hotel Boulderado--this is going to be more expensive than the others, but it is an iconic/historic Boulder hotel for people looking for that experience. 


There are plenty of food options right near the event space the class will be held at, both quick eats and sit down restaurants (here is a list of some that certainly isn't exhaustive). Aside from the 29th Street Promenade, Pearl Street is well worth checking out while here and has a ton of restaurants to choose from! My top two choices are probably Shine restaurant and Pizzeria Locale

Event space address: Will be provided at time of registration

$444 TUITION "To help reduce administrative costs, we ask that, if possible, when registering for the event via the PayPal link you pay with a linked bank account instead of a credit or debit card. Thank you!"