You have started your journey thru the stars, with the Angels to find your Higher Self with us. We are grateful for the opportunity and take your quest for Truth very seriously in our organization. Soul Based Living helps you up the mountain some have called Enlightenment, Awakening, Self Realization and the likes. Are you ready to take the next step? Then reach out, reach out, reach out! We can’t help you up the mountain if you don’t meet us near its valley. Make sure to visit the contact link and send us a message now! The time is now.
— Lillian Safarian, Director of Soul Based Living




Soul Based Living (SBL) is a philosophical and spiritual tradition founded by Spanda Makt. It centers on the path of Enlightenment and what happens after, thru the practice and development of love, wisdom, and unity.

Compassion, gratitude, and a regard for the interconnected nature of life are central to SBL.

The most innovative aspect of SBL is the idea of Evolution of Being; a view of nature wherein Enlightenment is not mystical but a natural process humans and other life forms must go thru to evolve from being tied to the mass hypnosis-field of lower consciousness, to a society of fully realized beings.


One can manifest their destiny to journey thru the stars and within themselves and SBL is here to help humans thru this natural, evolutionary process.

Soul Based Living contains 81 separate but related aspects based on the Law of Correspondence that explains how everything exists in relation to everything else.

Soul Based Living is an international "Angel University" dedicated to 9 Objectives:


Exploring the Universe

Levels of dimensional reality, multiple time lines, and alternate realities are taught and energetically worked with. SBL is multicultural, having aspects of Shamanism, Western Philosophy, Buddhism, and Yoga. It is inspired by The Wonders ( The Great Spirits guiding SBL).

The goal of Soul Based Living is in perfect alignment with the mission of the Universe, love.






LOVE is the first word I will say to you.”
— Spanda Makt