SBL offers classes, certifications, healings, and retreats.


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  Adventures & Retreats to Japan, France,Norway, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Colorado

  • Soul Based Living

  • Buddha's Eight-Fold Path

  • Supreme Bright Light Healing

  • Meditation

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Trainings and Certifications

  • SBL Meditation Training. ongoing classes

  • SBL Meditation Teacher Training

  • SBL Meditation Teacher Lineage Holder Training

  • Supreme Bright Light Healer Training Level One(2 day )

  • Supreme Bright Light Healer Training Level Two ( 2 days)

  • Supreme Bright Light Teacher Training (4 days)

  • Palo Grande 'Internal Martial Arts"

  • Formal Sangha 'Angel University'


Spanda beautifully "paints what he sees" and speaks on your Soul's Purpose and answers to your most important life questions

$333 Soul Portrait ( Group Rates Available including Mini Sessions )

This is about the Art of Life Mastery, and being empowered with all the tools to create the masterpiece that is your life.

Soul Portraits speak to the creation of personality "on purpose,” versus being at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings.

Spanda had a moment of self realization at four years of age wherein everything became dazzlingly brighter and a voice said: "Always Remember this Moment.” His life journey guided him to practice meditation for three hours everyday for six years. He currently offers intuitive consultations, Soul Coaching and guest speaking since 1992.

Spanda has helped thousands of people find Romance, Success and Health... After session with Spanda, people report huge shifts in their lives, including miraculous healing such as an end to migraine headaches (after just one session), or ailments such as limping.

Some ideas to prepare for your session:

~ Please consider what you eat and drink on the day of your session, drinking lots of water and eating foods that are as natural and nutritious as possible.

~ Please allow up to two hours time for the session.

~ You can come with prepared questions or not. You can ask about anything past, present or future. Most people ask about health, relationships and success.

~ Your session will be audio recorded in MP3 format. If you bring a laptop, you can upload the MP3 immediately after the session, or I can email a link of the recording for you.

Spanda’s sessions are not only available in person locally, but all over the world using Zoom and by phone anywhere in the USA. Both as a Public Speaker and Psychic and Seminar Leader, his work has taken him to Japan, Norway, Hawaii, New York, Colorado, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego



  • Soul Based Living

  • Physics of Spiritual Light

  • Secrets of the Multiverse & Dimensions

  • The Divine Mother

  • Buddha's Eight Fold Path

  • Christ Jesus Revelation

  • Hermes- The Arrow of Time & the Timeless

  • Inner Yoga, Wheels of Light & Rainbow Body

  • Greek Philosophy

  • Whirlwind Clearing

  • Meditation on the Rising and Setting Sun


Ceremonies for Healing & Empowerment

  • Cosmic Fire Satsang

  • Devotion to the Three Treasures Pledge

  • Magical High Experience

  • Contemplation on Clearing the Challenge at Hand

  • Awakening Inner Child Healing

  • Gratitude to Parents Blessing

  • Release Former Romantic Partner Ceremony

  • Welcoming High Spirit Guides Activation

  • God Light Power Blessing

  • Ultimate Goddess Blessings

  • Thor Destroys Obstacles Blessing

  • Hermes Trismegistus Blessing for Success

  • Winged Victory of Samothrace Empowerment

  • Ancestral Karma Clearing

  • Past Life Karma Clearing

  • New Born Child Blessing

  • St. Francis Animal Blessing

  • Baptism into the Cosmic Fire

  • Transmission of Spiritual Name

  • Sacred Geometry Wedding Ceremony

  • Circle of Life Funeral Ceremony

  • Space Clearing Ceremony



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