My relationship with Spanda has been integral to my development both as a person, and in my entertainment career. Spanda exists on a plane that most people are unable to comprehend. He possesses an uncanny ability to attain and share prophetic wisdom in just the way it needs to be heard. Every call he has made about my career has been spot on. Everything he has seen in me as a person – things that I didn’t believe in, or know existed – have manifested themselves exponentially over the years as I have grown. Spanda has vision that reaches far beyond what most eyes can see. His ability to see and feel potential in individuals and groups is something particularly valuable and unique. He can, within moments, ascertain an accurate understanding of a person, their roles, the way they see themselves, and all of the gifts and hidden possibilities that this person has to offer. In addition to his ability to gain and discover the more intangible types of truths, he also has a gift for teaching such truths to all kinds of ears; untrained and learned alike. Spanda is kind and compassionate. He listens earnestly. He carries an immense presence with him that could fill the largest of rooms. He has been an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend to me over the years. I could not recommend him enough. If you have the privilege to work with, seek guidance from, or simply have lunch with Spanda. I suggest you take the opportunity. The things you could learn will change your life.
— Stefania Barr. Music Producer, Singer, Actress
Within a few months of working with Spanda I saw my life change for the better and saw the inner peace within me rise to the surface. once the healing process began and the energy started to move, Spanda helped me ground myself and guided my spirit to the “new me.” The amount of healing and blessings I have experienced in this small window of time can only be equated to that of a miracle. Spanda is a healer, saint, parent, sibling, friend, coach and an artist all in one person. He has made it possible for me to see the light and to feel its energy. He has shown me the true path to enlightenment and has helped me in all aspects of my life, including but not limited to my overall health, familial relationships, friendships, romance, learning my future, healing my past, my meditation practice, my career, my poetry, my spiritual relationship with the Divine, and most of all the relationship I have with myself. I remind myself everyday how lucky I am to have Spanda in my life. Love & Blessings.
— Lilly Safarian, Director of Soul Based Living
Spanda Makt a man of wisdom, expresses himself simply and eloquently with his timeless words. He successfully presents a higher perspective about what our priorities need to be regarding health, relationships and fulfilling our life objectives. Raul is both a man of wisdom and a spokesperson for the oneness of love.
— Samuel Kiwasz: Founder of Sacred Friends
One of the most amazing and healing experiences I have ever had... and the watercolor...breathtaking!!!

— Patty Alfonso: Founder of Harmony Healing
Spanda Makt has the gift to see and feel who you really are…and as the founder of Soul Based Living also has the ability to shift the collective consciousness. That process has already begun with his one on one sessions and also on a grand scale with Soul Based Living’s first self published book “Transformation.” The energy that comes forth from all fronts brings added value to both the individual and the collective consciousness that is for the best and highest good of all.
— Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz: Speaker, Radio Host, and Author
Knew I would like it - had no idea I would be touched so deeply - this has truly been life-changing for me! If you have not yet experienced Spanda through his Soul Based Living or his Soul Portraits - you owe it to your SELF. The energy is amazing and you will experience more of what you desire from your Authentic Life. Blessings Spanda for sharing your gifts.
— Dr. Dream Mark Peeble: Speaker, Author, Holistic Healing Practitioner
I find Spanda to be a person of exceptional integrity and keen perception. He knows what to say and when to say it. He always contributes something to people, situations and events. Despite all his exceptional talents and abilities, he still manages to remain humble and unassuming. That’s why I like spending time with him.
— Roy Gibbon: Co-Author of An Offering of Light: Healing with Jyorei, Natural Agriculture, and Art
You saw my true self and made me feel understood. The insights were profound, the inspiration will stay with me the rest of my life…third most important day In my life was meeting you, after my wedding day, and the birth of my daughter.
— Katherine S., Las Vegas, NV
I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, I just wanted to send a note to say “thank you” for all you’ve done for me. I’m in a much better place, and I feel much more “whole” since meeting you, and talking with you. You’re one of the things that I’m grateful for! I’m saying that from my Soul! I’m in present-moment awareness, saying thank-you, and telling the Universe to bring more of that!
— Hiromasa K., Tokyo, Japan
Oh SpandaI am so happy you were born! When is your birthday anyway? You have lifted me up! Reminded me of my true self. How can I thank you?
— Torry E., New York, NY
Hello Spanda Your old friend Gary writing. I just want to compliment, and thank you for your insight and gift. Over 15 years ago, you performed a channeled reading for me; during which you told me that I was surrounded by numbers, that my Aura was very dry, and you drew a picture of a doorway being “blocked” by a trunk. Every word of reading had meaning and value to me journey. It is too lengthy and complicated to break down the past two decades of my life in detail, but I once again have to thank you, with all of my heart for your awareness, and ability to share it with others. I have absolute faith in your readings; beyond faith, I am in awe. And now as I am beginning to see what you see, and understand the many worlds and realities that exist beyond our rational perception do I truly understand... Again, I just want to say thank you my friend. I hope we meet again one day, I would love another reading, and I would love to share with you what I have experienced and learned. Love, Gary.
— Gary M., Culver City, CA
You definitely made an impression on me. I felt seen. Something totally unfamiliar. Your comments on what you saw were flattering and welcome. Partly, because Soul Based Living is not something I have mastered full time. Which makes my encounter with you all the more visceral. I felt as though your gaze called me out, from within myself to be present and visible. I remember the sensation. Heat. and Peace. Very interesting.
— Peter O., Kauai, Hawaii
The room was loud and I had to practically coerce Spanda into doing a soul reading for me but once he did - wow! First, he laughed which was a relief since I am quite aware that my angels have a twisted sense of humor. Spanda then suggested that it was time for me to align myself with like-minded individuals, those that support my playing big in the world. Within a matter of months, I was meeting high caliber men and women all over the place, taking service positions with myriad non-profits and being offered jobs in multiple careers. Even my friends noticed a change in me saying, “You seem grounded, happier, lighter; something BIG is about to happen.” Thank you Spanda for sharing your gift and encouraging me to do what I intuitively knew was the next right step, catapulting me into a realm beyond my wildest dreams ♥Oceans of blessings
— Jamie Feldstein