Kauai Expo Schedule

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Saturday, January 30 Speaker Schedule



1-3pm Al Diaz: Unconditional Love with Clarity and Focus* 

7:30-9:00pm Dr. Sha Soul Healing, Universal Peace* 


Center Stage


8:45 Blessing with Puna Dawson 

9:00 Qigong, Francesco Garripoli  

9:30 The True Meaning of Meditation, Nicole Sakurai 

10:30 Energy Healing and Manifesting Wellness, Jen Lee, RN, NP

11:15 Atlas Evolution: The Brain, Body, Spirit Solution, Ranan Shahar  

12:00 Animal Communication and Healing, Charlotte Szivak 

12:45 Break

1:00 Diabetes Cured, Richard Green

2:00 Psyhc-K, Rita Soman 

3:00 Why Love Heals, Dean Shrock, PhD 

4:00 pm - Reduce Inflammation, Eliminate Pain with Moxxor, Michael Epstein



9:30 Dolphin Mediation, Jeanne Russell 

10:15 Have you had a spiritual experience? Past lives, dreams and soul travel, Kim Stevens 

11:00 Five Wishes, Cindie Jones and Karen Baldwin 

11:45 Emotional Freedom with Thought Field Energy , Kristin Morris 

12:30 Philosophy of Regeneration with Sunrider, Marilyn Summer 

1:15 Adult Mediation, Diane Cline 

2:00 Auric Interactions in Relationships, Laura Schronen

2:45 Tri Hara Yoga with Marko 




Sunday, January 31 Speaker Schedule


1-4:00 pm Dr. Sha The Soul Healing System, A Special Group Healing Session* 


Center Stage

9:00 am Radiant Lotus Qigong, Daisy Lee  

9:45 Drink Your Way to Health, Neal Chantara 

10:30 Soul Based Living, Raul Rosiles

11:15 Howard Wills 

12:00  Spirituality in Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Chun, M.D., LAc

12:45 Mirabai 

1:30 Yogaland for Children, Diane Cline 

2:15 Business Trends for 2010, Michael Saiz and Katie Fisher 

3:00 Electrical Healing-The 1st Step to Wellness, Jae Atchley, DC

3:45 Yoga of Mime, Janet Carafa 





10:15 Introduction to the Third Testament, Richard Kraft 

11:00 Medical Intuition (Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing), Charlotte Szivak 

11:45 How Ingredients Affect the Skin and Internal Organs, Heather Bell

12:15 Healing Touch-What is it? Who can benefit?, Barry Lefevre 

1:00 Moving Beyond the Illusion of the Mind, Sage

1:45 Soft Birth Practices, Rose M. Scherschel 

2:30 Mastering The Art Of A Juicy Intimate Relationship, Cary and Wendy Valentine



*Tickets required. 






  Soul Based Living is based on the Law of Correspondence, much like Dependant Origination, or Holographic Universe theory

Soul Based Living
Soul Based Living offers ageless wisdom and the best of today's wisdom voices with seminars, books, Cd's, and Dvd's.

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