Mystic Isle

Hello All,
I will be at Mystic Isle in La Mesa on July 5TH creating Soul Portraits. Please call 619-465-3005.
I will be at The Awareness Institute in Corona on
July 13THcreating Soul Portraits & facilitating my new seminar called
Being Enlightenment. (that means you!) Please call 951-371-4448. As with most days of readings I do, both locations were booked with readings by about noon each time. Either get there early to see me or call ahead to make an appointment. The Big Picture
Here we go...
I have not emailed this kind of info. as I have rather wanted people to ask first.
Today I decided to spell things out.
What is Soul Based Living really?
It is art.
The Soul (a level of being, we can say poetically a nine dimensional level)
is not our thoughts and feelings about it...
The best we can do is create some expression of Soul with thoughts and feelings.
So expression can be thought of as art.
Art of Life
Art of Light
Light of Art
Life of Art
you get it...
Soul Based living is Art (writing pictures, I think of music in the future, movies? video games?)
Art about the big questions:
Why was I born?
What is the mind?
Will humanity survive?
Soul Based living exists because of four pillars.

1. I had a moment of Self Realization as a four year old.
2. My parents told me my artistic talent was a gift from God and I had a responsibility to be the best artist I could.(This became a life mission, not just about art.)
3. I heard many voices my whole childhood until puberty. The voices usually taught me something.
4. I have A.D.H.Disorder. I was always challenged by not being able to concentrate. I still suffer. This suffering has lead me to a life of wondering about the mind...
These four aspects are major parts of what made me who I am.

Who I am makes Soul Based Living what it is.
1.Realization: becoming whole/oneness
2.Authority and Responsibility being an Angel
3.The invisible world: Love/Truth
4.Healing/ Empowerment/Enlightenment

Raul Rosiles is a existence in the current throughout space and time of those that have come before and will come again with messages.
As an artist, Raul creates his message so that beauty is the transmitter, not logic.
I am here to inspire, not convince.
So many have come before.
I feel "connected" to all those in space/time, however here are a few that stand out.

The Buddha, the Christ, Plotinus, the Shakespeare writers,Honore De Balzac,Walt Whitman,Socrates, Emerson and Thoreau,
Written out of chronological order on purpose.
After all what is time?

Soul Based Living is a philosophy of Light.
Light in a spectrum of nine rays.
Each ray has 9 aspects.
This makes 81.
SBL is really about numbers.
I have never written that before as I don't want to scare people away.(HaHa)
Each number is a book.
Yes I know that will be hard.
This lifetime I vow to create 81 booklets on each aspect. The rest will be up to my students.
Soul Based Living has an "official launch date of Sept, 9TH 2009.
One part of the Big Picture is my dream to open four Philosophy centers open to the public.
One in Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, & London.

Now I ask you:
What do you want Soul Based Living to be?
What is your idea?
What are you excited about?
What are your concerns?
What made you join an organization?
What made you leave?
I invite you to ask me questions on the subjects of spirituality, philosophy, non-duality/oneness, the future,history,science,space, or whatever aspect of the mind you care to ask about.
your questions and my answers will go up onto the website and be in future e-mails.
Thank you.
Love & Blessings

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