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Love and Enlightenment
By Raul Rosiles

Love is the first word I say to you, because I am you and you are me. In other words, love is the unifying quality of life. Not only does love connect you to me and me to you, but it also helps us to realize that in essence we are all one.
I am love, and love is the condition that draws us towards the ultimate. Love is the answer to all your questions. You are love itself.
We seek in life those things that match the energy of who we really are. Basically, there are only these three things that all humans seek.
·        Health and vitality·        Harmonious relationships·        Success in our objectives.
This order is the best way to achieve your dreams. Each one supports the next in this sequence. If you work outside of this particular order you may face challenges due to a weak foundation. For example, it can be hard to become successful if you have poor health or stressful relationships. Either one can distract you from achieving your goals. How often do you meet people who focus on success at the expense of their health or relationships? Perhaps you are in fact one of these people? I am not suggesting that you work on only one aim at a time. What I am saying is that these objectives should all be worked on simultaneously because each one supports the other. But you will get the best results if you keep them in this order of priority.


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