Soul Portraits: A Mirror of the Soul

A Mirror of the Soul

"When I was very young, about four years old, I had a sudden moment of spiritual realization. I was playing, running up and down the stairs at my grandparent’s house. Suddenly, the room was filled with Light. Not just ordinary physical light, but a mysterious Light that illumined everything from both within and without.


Colors seemed much brighter, and I had a sense that the objects around me were more vivid. The textures and shapes of everything were enhanced many times over. It was as if the world had been mere dull grey before this moment. I was dazzled by this huge increase in perception.


Then I heard a voice that seemed to come out of thin air, saying, “Always Remember This Moment.” It was a powerful voice that was very clear and strong. This whole event passed in just a few minutes. Then I went back to play in another room of the house.


From that time on, I continued to hear voices, sometimes so many speaking at the same time that I couldn’t make out what they were actually saying. Sometimes one voice would increase in volume while the others faded into the background until I could soon distinguish the one voice’s unique personality. The voice would explain many things to me as if it was instructing me about life. Several years later, I wrote down the experience because I was beginning to forget the details. These voices have taught me many things over the years."

The Soul Portraits are a healing art which comes from the Philosophy of Life called Soul Based Living.

Whatever you think the image is, "it is not that".
However, let us say we know what this is, and say it is Art that illustrates YOU as your "inner, essential and Higher Self" - A mirror to Your Soul.

Practical application:

 "See" your self, not the 3/d limited self. SEE your self (not your life story) - those are just words in your "mind"... See deeply into you, as if looking past your reflection on the surface of life, to a diamond at the bottom of the water. Become your Diamond Self by working with your Soul Portrait - even for just a minute each day. Just breathe out whatever is no longer in your best & highest good - Breathe in as you look at the painting which represents your Divine Soul Self.

What is involved?

1.Sessions are either in-person or over the phone.
2.You will receive an 18x24 inch watercolor painting and an audio recording of your session. There will be time for your questions, if any, about any aspects of your life. The portrait will be yours to keep forever and to be inspired by everyday.

3. You will receive a audio CD of the session

4.Three follow-up phone consultations are then scheduled. This Soul Coaching allows for practical application of information that comes through in the Soul Portrait session

If we are creating the painting over the phone, make certain you are in a space which allows for your highest quality experience. The painting and cd of the session is then mailed to you


We encourage you to invest about 90 minutes of time in your self for the session. Some people find writing questions down before hand very useful, as the energy is so strong during the session, many people feel they are in a higher state and no questions come to mind, however everyone is different. Some with no questions discover questions welling up from deep within....

The intention of this work is to create a mirror via the medium of Art so that a person can "see" themselves daily in a new way,one of their own choosing, meaning the creation of personality "on purpose" if desired...
(Choosing who we are, we then have the choice of thoughts of that New person, which then gives us a new set of choices of action.) Some, after receiving a Soul Portrait, have claimed a kind of REBIRTH or AWAKENING.

In the first part: Information leading toward your vitality of health, relationships and success is communicated while the painting is being made. Depending on the person's depth of self inquiry, even centuries of "past life" or centuries of family issues may come forth.

Secondly, time is made for questions and answers.

Next, a plan for practical application of this new information is discussed. Every one is "psychic" - it is in the interpretation and application that practitioners show their quality.
All the while, a watercolor painting is being painted, during which, you will see your self, in full-color, in a new way. The painting is your reminder of your highest potential. Many have reported healings, and "breaking-through" stuck patterns, after participating in this beautiful and individually creative experience.
Sessions include one 18x24 watercolor painting, and the cd of the session recording. Raul also includes the three follow-up phone consultations.

How to get started...


Contacting Raul Rosiles via

or call 714-306-5392.

See more at
Have possible dates; time and day for the session with Raul. Tuesdays are not available.
Please include your time zone or country code if applicable.
You may invest in your Soul Portrait and the three follow-up phone consultations via PayPal (preferred), check or money order.

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