The song of Soul Based Living

he Song of Soul Based Living ( SBL) is currently a small group of advisors and supporters.This new spiritual organization will launch 9/9/09 presenting the best of ageless wisdom and emerging talents in the fields of , sciences ,the arts, sprituality , and more!

First of ALL, please forgive Raul Rosiles his many human flaws. He is not Soul Based Living, I AM.He is a stain glass window, you could not even see him without LIGHT shining thru, as with all living things....MY Love & Blessings to you all, friends, family, sponsors, and committee members, speakers and performers of Live h2o United by Love.I assure you you have the Love and full support of the spirit group creating SBL. we are called "The Wonders" We thank you, we love you. Your standing up for the world, the Oceans, for humanity and all living things... Future generations will look back and thank you.The beautiful global field of LOVE created by this world prayer is part of how the New Earth, a world of Love begins.Some of you have felt so ungrounded, and so tired this week. You may be tempted to go back into old patterns to get back into your bodies. Love your body, eat healthy, walk, also get together, those of you who are "Pillars of Light" and made the global prayer a reality. As you gather, you can move the energies more in "flow" more joyfully, love one another, help each other.As you are at the intersection of space & you "move" into the future; Live h2o United by Love " a space/time event becomes the past for the persona or ego.Persona means "mask."The global prayer is a movement of spirit, in the "real world" so it is not in time.Not in the past...Hold it in your heart NOW.It is just the beginning. Keep BEING United by Love. Love the waters, earth, air, and light...(just a hint of the future)Rest, breath deeply, laugh, sing and play together, you will be called together again, you pillars of light (love)This is how the being of the Earth reaches it's Enlightenment, this is how the New Earth forms.Yes beloved children, you are indeed the ones you were waiting for.THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU.

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