What is Soul Based Living?

SOUL BASED LIVING is not a physical organization.

It is has no membership.

Those that feel strongly drawn to work with SBL more deeply are invited to 

inquire as to how to volunteer or become staff. Those that work with 

Soul Based Living are dedicated to the Mission of the Universe.

It is free.

It is a gift to humanity.

It is part of the emerging new world.

The goal of Soul Based Living is in perfect alignment with the 

Mission of the Universe, which is Love. Also known as the Law of One.

Starting in Dec. 21, 2009, a three year period begins.

During this time the Earth ( actually infinite Earths) 

transform to a higher dimension of Love.

The Wonders, the spirit group guiding SBL, have as their goal, the permanent

End to the matrix of control. From this time on, the Earth will know ever more freedom and happiness.


No one can be told what is Soul Based Living, the answers are inside you.

These documents are energized to be a Stargate. A window to the ultimate.

Do not read them as if they are just words. 

The explanation of Soul Based Living is just a jump-point. 

Do not believe, but test everything. Trust yourself.

Soul Based Living is Angel Training. The Eighty- One aspects would take 

Centuries to master. However humans may greatly benefit from putting into practice what small amount of Soul Based Living they can. Most everyone can

delve into nine of the aspects on the chart.

The main aspects of Soul Based Living are on the far right vertical line. 

The far leftvertical line shows the Chakra system, so people have a “key”

to understand the chart. 

Look at the chart. It has vertical and horizontal correspondences. 

Enjoy this gift from the universe. Everything is here.

Raul RosilesComment