Finding a Mentor, Guide or Teacher

Finding a Mentor, Guide or Teacher ( those with much ego don't like the term Teacher) So far, there are two basic types of those who have self-mastery. Which is what is meant by Master( not mastering others) Think of Master as meaning "One who has arrived" One type of master may not even speak ever or speak rarely, and doesn't teach techniques nor any philosophy, another type of master does explain and teach. Teach about the universe, about human nature, about creating a civilization, etc...In this new age, many are awakening to Love, and Unity...and they begin to teach....without Wisdom. Even if one knows the secrets of reality, if one can't find the perfect words to convey it, people may be led astray. The Mysteries must be revealed by those that go higher up the mountain...deeper into Enlightenment, where Love, Unity and Wisdom form a divine triangle of guidance ~Raul Rosiles

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