A Healing Art Called "Soul" Portrait

The Soul Portrait
Whatever you think the image is, "it is not that"
However, let "us" pretend we know what
this is, and say it is Art that illustrates YOU
an "inner", "essential", or "Higher self")
The Soul (SOL u/ U Sol)
Practical application=
"See" yourself, not the 3/d limited self

SEE yourself (not your life story)
those are just words in your "mind"
See deeply into you, as if looking past
your reflection on the surface of life,
to a pearl at the bottom of the water.

This art "illustrates" what you are before birth,
during the story of life, and beyond "death"
Ever look behind a "mirror"?
Ever look behind the curtain/behind the stage?

You will receive an 18x24 inch watercolor painting
and an audio recording during your session.
There will be time for your questions, if any, about
any aspects of your life. The portrait will be yours
to keep forever and to be inspired from everyday.

Raul RosilesComment