World Events, Energy and Secrets

I want to comment on two things this newsletter
One is world events and One is "Secrets" type creating reality.
First of all about War & Energy. We live in ourselves All experience is perception
Some questions I ask myself before pointing out faults of "the world"...
Am I at peace within my self?How am I struggling with just "me"?

Do I feel I have enough energy?Do I objectify my self or others?
Is there a value I would die for?How do I feel about others dieing?
How do I feel about the career of "Soldier"?What kind of world do I want to live in?
If children were our leaders, what would our laws be?What kind of war,if any would children fight? When you hear children fight, what is it about?
Why do states in the U.S. not go to war with each other?
(think more deeply about this....)
We are celebrating over 200 years of peace between New Jersey and New York
(Britain and France have be at peace with each othersince 1815)
Animals fight each other,is war just a part of nature?

War is fought in part because of =
a feeling of need?
I think mostly because of the beliefs that=
We are separate from (form)those "other "people
and it is part of humans current level of evolution of fight and kill each other.....I leave this subject with this thought...If we were wise enough to convince others just with our minds, war would not be needed.
Is war a lack of wisdom?
The Secret to creating our Reality
So the idea of creating has been called a secret,even though all needed info is on the book shelfat any major book store,and on many websites .(and many organizations for thousands of years.)
If you ask a person what they want to create,then you will know what they value.
If you are going to spend your hard earned money( or your ancestors hard earned money)
or even if it is a "free" service..If you are giving your trust to someone for a product or service i recommend you ask them= WHO ARE YOU?
Everything is founded on identity.
you get up in the morning and do stuff because you remind your self of who you were yesterday and what that person wanted or feels "they"need to do today.
Did "I/i"loose any of you?
Question: Why does a capital "I" look that way? Why does a "small" i look as it does?
(e-mail me your answers, my advise is to look very "deeply" and from all angles...)
Who are you?
Your life?
Your past?
your future?
your present moment?
your body?
your thoughts?
your emotions?
If you won the Lotto, would you still wish for more money?
Why not?
If you were the most beautiful person ever born,would you wish for more beauty, why not?
If you had every "thing" you ever wanted, then what would you wish for?
If you became the "person" you have always dreamed to be, then what would you wish for?
What part of you is wishing?
Try to imagine what you may wish for after you discover your true self.........
This is kind of poetry because my paradigm is that self discover is eternal.
Try this=
What does your "soul" wish for?
"creation" is the house you live in.
Identity is the foundation....
WHO ARE YOU????????????
I very strongly challenge you take 90 seconds out of your busy life and imagine you are floating in orbit above the planet Earth.....( Maybe use "Earth" photo at top of this posting as a visual aid)
Look down upon the world....
See it turn....Look all about the stars...the moon....Look at the oceans, look at the mountains, look at
the tiny people living on the surface....
NOW,NOW,NOW...look at YOURSELF, in orbit......
What do you wish for/ Who are you?


Raul RosilesComment