A New World through the Eye of the Needle

Hello All. Today is Nov 18TH 2008
Soul Based Living
official Launch is Sept 9, 2009

I will be turning 44 ( a Master number.) on Dec. 19TH 2008
(2:40 am for you Astros)
SBL will be born in 2009 ( that makes 11) 2 + 9 = 11
2009 becomes 11, also a Master Number.
So... two Master numbers! Oh I see those of you not into numbers saying "So What!"
Well.... I see numbers as the code of the Matrix.
Numbers can be seen as telling us something about the deeper Reality of life.
I am not a Numerologist , just a fan of numbers.
For even more fun, please note Obama is 47. That is also 11
He will be the 44th President. So he also has 11 and 44 at this time, hmmm...
This is the Soul Based Living Newsletter for the Holidays 2008

The Eye the Needle. The end of the World
A new Man and a New Women are coming.
A new type of human to go with the new World. Humans are a transition species.
The ONEs that are coming are the ones that go to the stars. They are Galactic Beings.
You may feel you yourself are transforming. We are a bridge of Light. WE are the answer.
We stand up now so the Bright Ones of the Future will come to be born on this Earth.
It is up to us to be pillars of Light for ourselves and the the children of tomorrow.
I have begun a group called Gathering of Light for national and international Light-workers.
I am telling you the name so that you can join us in spirit.
Even if you are not traveling physically nationally or internationally to speak or teach or heal.
You can send us light.
You can BE Light.
To live thru the end of this world you must go thru the Eye of the Needle.
When Jesus said. " before the world was, I AM"
He was saying. First there must be an observer, than an observed reality.
To see the Truth, we must have Eyes of Truth. Then all is revealed , no matter how hidden it is.
In Buddhism this would be called Buddha Eyes.
Jesus said something to the effect of
" It would be easier for a Wealthy person to go thru the eye of a needle then to get into heaven."
As with all great teachers he is saying several things at once.
One is "Your focus on the world of appearances may loose you the real world."
Another thing being said is "What are you working for?" What values do you have?
One more deeply hidden meaning is " The mind of a wealthy person is why they are wealthy."
Jesus had to keep moving so as to avoid arrest.
Buddha was homeless when he reached Enlightenment.
( unless you consider the Bodhi tree an address)
It sounds like the poor way trumps going for the tower of worldly wealth.
You can have your cake and eat it too.
It is WHO is gathering riches and WHY that counts!
Who are you BEING as you work? Why do you work. Joy or fear? Purpose or resignation?
We all most start where we find our self!
You may choose a studio apartment to save money for starting a business, for example.
A wealthy person thinks wealthy.
True wealth is healthy, strong, energetic, loving, happy, and abundant, not just having a bunch of money.
An abundant Mind thinks creatively.
Look At the camel through the eye of the needle,
Again Jesus was saying more than one thing.
But first let me say that needles are strong, sharp and light....
May your mind be like that.
He was saying: Perception is the difference between wealth and poverty.
Poor people see great problems ahead. Wealthy people will see the opportunities.
No amount of effort without wisdom will work.
No amount of wisdom without effort will work.
We will ALL have to participate in addressing the current world challenges.
Another point is : The way out is THROUGH. Like looking through the needle.
The challenges of life, even as scary as some people think it is now, are the way.
The problem is actually the solution. It is like health. The symptoms are the body healing itself.
We move to a bright future by moving through the challenges.
Focusing on them as the gift, as the work of enlightenment.
Our motivation must not be to "fix" what is happening.
We must not want to avoid what is happening or hurry toward what we would rather be doing.
Deal head on with what is actually happening with Love and Gratitude.
Not focusing on how we wish things had gone with regret or sad about what we fear might be coming up.
Focus on NOW, as it is, with Love & Gratitude.
Let me tell you a secret.
The only part of you that is right here and right now is the body. It is in this moment. Or it seems to be...
Try thinking of this.
Your body was in existence one hour ago. Yes? It may be in existence one hour from now . Yes?
Where is it now? How about Now? Is it in both moments?
Is your body STILL there one hour ago? If you travel back in time, will you meet your self?
I think so. The body is not frame by frame like that, but SPREAD OUT through time.
Yet, and yet...WE can not perceive the truth of time.
We can only see and feel our body as FIXED, solid, in this moment of awareness,
Still with me?
To our senses, we are CUT OFF from our body that was the past or future body.
We can only feel now. Now is the only body we have...
So we must enter this moment THROUGH the body.
Like pouring water into a cup. BE HERE NOW by being more in your body.
Let me say this another way. ( Have I lost anyone?)
The BODY is the LENS the LIGHT of your SOUL comes into the world from.
The body is the lens the light of your soul comes into the world from.
Your thoughts and actions are ENERGY and MOTION =
Which energies and motions you choose NOW make all the difference!
Which energies and motions we choose together NOW creates the future. One final thing.
Soul Based Living has a unique quality.
It has as one core value the goal of physical power and vitality.
The idea is that your body is the lens. O.K?
So the quality of the lens (your body) makes all the difference.
All the positive thinking and affirmations in the world must come into the world through your mind and body.
How is your mind? what is it filled with? This may be like dust on the lens.
How is your body? This might be shiny and clear or like a cracked lens....
Your health and physical power, NOT JUST LACKING ILLNESS,
will determine much of your future.
There are nine points to more physical power and health that are part of Soul Based living.
Just contact me and I will send you that information free.
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Love & Blessings

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