The Sol Way
When it comes out please forward the link world round.
It will be translated. If you know other languages, please contact me. Spanish, then Japanese, Chinese, whatever you speak...
As I only have a few minutes with you here is some light in a concentrated short burst!
Here is the core of Soul Based Living
S.O.L. ( Latin for Sun)
Story of Life
The story is separation. Reality is We are One.
I sometimes forget this, then I suffer. How about you?
What is your story? What thoughts come to you about your life. Do not be passive. CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS!
Who Are You?
It is Who you are in life, not what you do , that determines your destiny, your health, your prosperity,your relationships...
Who you are will determine what thoughts come to you.
What thoughts come to you determine the set of choices you can make.
These choices determine your life.
The more you work on CHOOSING who you are ( the character in the Story of Life you play) the more you create your own destiny.
This is the W.A.Y.
Together : Sol Way
The Sol Way is the core of Soul Based Living
This covers both the Cosmic (SOL)
and The personal ( WAY)
Your physical body can not hold an Angel level of energy, it would blow up...You must create the Light Body. If you want to greatly empower your life ask your self,
"How can i create my Light Body?"
This is so powerful just the question will empower & heal you.
More than being loved or Loving, you are Love itself.

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