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You are invited, May 9 (Friday evening)to a seminar in Pasadena with Al Diaz and Raul Rosiles
Soul Based Living from the Heart seminar
Heart & Soul center 1167 N Lake Av Pasadena Ca 91104 (626)798-8337
6:30 pm
All human languages are based on Duality so I can not directly say what I wish , however this poetry is a reflection of the transcendent. This seminar will be a very special event.The content will be excellent, however, the Soul Age of all those invited will be very unusually high! So this event will feel like swimming in Light. Once we begin the energy will go even higher.Your personality is within space and time. As Spirit,come more powerfully into your body, see/hear/feel from that eagles eye perspective. Then concentrate on the evening of May 9th at Heart & Soul Center. Then ask your self'" Is it best for me to attend?"

Here is a little food for thought I wrote last week.
How to know if you are an Angel
9.As Spirit, You are one, not many.
 All is one, the one is all.You are not separate from any person place or thing. 
8.As Soul, You have no location. You are beyond space and time. You are everywhere and no where.
7.As Mind, you observe thoughts, and can perceive their origin.You can catch thoughts forming in "yourself" and others. 
6.As Body, form is choiceYou are flexible.You are a new body all the time. Open,flowing,you can heal,have vast energy,and youthful vitality. You energy overflows and heals and empowers others. 
5.As Persona, You are not your thoughts and feeling. you are Self 4.As Emotion,You feel anger,fear,sorrow,or happiness,courage,joy...You feel all without judgment. You are a good friend to your personality and are just present for whatever the action or reaction is. Allowing all without judgment ,the paradox is the suffering of emotions cools,then peace (bliss) forms...then whole actions and reactions can be made. 
3.As Creativity,All life is art. All living things create. You Create yourself.Giving life to your dreams.
2.As Action, you move based on values, not on choices being given to you by false religion, current science, or mass culture. You are a free being and choose action based on who you are, not who you feel and think you are. 
1.As Being,you exist in the here/now expanse. You are light( transparent) Your Light Body allows for all of history to be seen and all cosmic space to be felt.
" I am an Angel,the spirit world and this world are one..."

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