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Hello there! On Saturday April 12TH I will be in La Mesa at Mystic Isle 8036 La Mesa Blvd La Mesa Ca 91941
creating Soul Portraits
619-465-3005 PLEASE CALL and schedule with them. Thanks! NEWS: Elisa and I will be moving back to the Pasadena area in August.Please see me in San Diego area this time or soon! The New York trip was awesome, it was an honor to be at Quest Books and the New Life Expo we attended on Saturday was amazing. Thanks to the spirit of New York for so many miracles.
Here is a little food for thought: You Are Free
The W.A.Y. of freedom is answering this question who are you? The answer is Who You Are, same words, different order. Try this, imagine you passed away last night. 
Imagine you are in the Spirit world. Imagine you haven't figured out that you are a Spirit just yet. I am guessing you are discovering this right about now... Imagine you are realizing you are in the Spirit World but since you didn't notice your passing, you see what you want to see. The same story of life as yesterday, and hoping for more of the same tomorrow, just a bit better. You see your same old body. Your same address, car.... the people you know seem the same... NOW TRY THIS, REALIZE YOU ARE A SPIRIT YOU ARE NO LONGER BOUND BY THE LIFE YOU HAD. 
Because of karma you must repay debts and honor contracts you made before this.However beyond that, you are totally free. Don't want to see your abusive relative anymore, guess what. You don't have to. Don't want to stay in that job that is so long a commute, guess what, change jobs. Want to move ,go ahead. New romance ? Sure why not. This is the Spirit world. You can do anything, change anything...
The limits are your imagination.
If you have anger, fear, or limiting beliefs, you will have the same limits. So for example with those limits you could quit your job and spend a year broke and then find a lower paying job that is farther a commute then ever.
 So Just knowing you are dead to your old life is not enough. You must be born again. How? By saying a prayer? No By trying to ride the coat tails of some God? No, the secret is the W.A.Y.
Who Are You? 
Who are you being right now? What is your nature? I am not talking about some New Agey positive thinking. I am talking about WHO is thinking. So really you must create your self from this day on from scratch, as a new born. Do to karma you have brought stuff over with you (which your persona sees as debts etc..) 
Karma is not punishment, just cause & effectWhen your mind sees the same old people, friends, neighbors, co- workers Look again. See them as Spirits too. Smile. wink. Give them a pat on the back or a touch on the shoulder. Don't freak them out. Don't be to pushy. They may not know they are in The Spirit world like you. 
Begin to open to Angel sight, Angel hearing. Angel thoughts. Look back over the past centuries, look at the whole earth now. look at the possible future centuries. OPENSee your Spirit Body that is flexible and made of mostly vast regions of empty space. Spirits have a new body every year, so aging and illness are just plays of consciousness. 
OPEN as spirit. You are like the sun, a powerful magnet. Call into your life whatever your new Angel mind wants.Forget the small dreams you used to have, that's over.OPENEvery day in the Spirit world is a new life. Free your mind of past fears, angers, and limits.
Your are reborn right now as you read this. Have you guessed now that you are really a spirit? Do you begin to guess this is real? You must start out slowly as a new born, so go easy. Don't try to fly on the first day, that may take years. Try running as a start. Relearn play. Be young againOPEN. Try rolling around on the grass, try laughing, these are good places to start.
Your body is still solid feeling because you think it is, so take great care of it. Keep it from harm. Take care of your mind and body. Over time you will become more flexible and powerful. Angels do stuff like long walks, drink lots of water, yoga, eating living foods, the dream of becoming looks like that. OPEN. Old patterns may haunt youKeep reminding your self you are reborn in spirit. When your mind says the same old stuff, just laugh. Clear your karma,open to new thoughts and feelings, grow more flexible and younger,and have fun! As your new angel powers grow, choose how you can serve the living.
As time goes on you can greet and mentor new angels. As you grow more transparent(clear) light will pass thru you and heal and empower all those lucky enough to meet you. 
If you feel you want to accept the challenge of this email I ask you to work with me. Really compare my work with whatever else is out there .Really check out my website Test me. Test Soul Based Living. Inquire about having your own Soul Portrait or if it has been a few months ,ask for a new one. Inquire about seminars. Ask me how you can become a part of Soul Based LivingAre you ready?
Welcome to your new life. The W.A.Y. is an inner circle of Soul Based Living. The League is another level.
The nine levels of Soul Based Living will be revealed on Sept 9TH 2009

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