Leader Causing Leader Nov 6 & 7


check out the website http://www.leaderscausingleaders.com/ for more info

I AM Raul Rosiles will be speaking in the Children's Program, which is being produced
by the wonderful Carolyn Kaufman, founder of Children of Today and Free to be Me.
I will also be presenting on the Yoga Sanctuary, being produced by the wonderful Connie Dunn
author in the book Transformation; Essays on Love Healing and Water



Leaders Causing Leaders Conference  


Nov. 6th &amp 7th

Who are we? Where are we going?  How do we find our destiny?Unity - Exploring our Universe - 

Freedom - Wholeness - Awareness - Education - Culture - Peace - Ecology.

Be empowered. Today a new world is emerging. Authentic leadership for authentic solutions.

This is our moment to shine. 

What is this event all about?

We are offering lectures, workshops, and panels to educate and empower you to lead the life you were born to live. Come and experience our world class keynote speakers in the fields of personal growth, business, the arts, health, the environment,  education, and world peace. 

This is a call to shift into a new level of leadership.

Awakening the Leader Within

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