Being the Light Song of the World

Your being is where your doing comes from. Music comes from instruments, being played by a musician.
The Soul Is the musician, your body and Persona are the instrument, your actions in the world are the music your life makes. This can be seen as art also. creating your art of Life. Art of many colors. So really your actions are a Song of Light. You are a Light Music body. Create beauty whenever you go. Not by doing anything, but rather by being. Drama cant occur when you show up, when you are PRESENT. When your divine Music/Light is in a room, suffering cannot be there. Watch how your level of presence effects outcomes in your daily life. 
Before you meet with family, friends, or go to work, or start a meeting. Come back to yourself. Remember who you really are.Connect to your divine nature, BREATH that in, and

Raul RosilesComment