Letter to Egypt from founder of Soul Based Living

Letter to Egypt from the founder of Soul Based Living

 "Love is the first word I say to you. We know the shadow of the wings of America

 have moved more sometimes by the will of the military/industrial complex than from altruism. Our American revolution was bloody/ Our history books tell an edited version of our past at best...As you move into your bright future, we tell you the noble truth that human beings no longer harm one another. Avoid harming each other, and yet YES of course you must "stop the machine" of corruption and injustice: Wisdom finds a way. We ask that no forces harm the protestors. We stand firm with our brothers and sisters who demand a civilization of freedom , justice,and equality. No government can produce this, but only free people. Government is not a parent but a servant, do not ask of it to do more than its design and provide. A new government is not a solution but rather new people.

 Become new/ form a more perfect union. In my heart I am there with you. 

Oceans of Love and Blessings" ~ I AM Raul Rosiles

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