W...ho A...re Y...ou? Enlightenment

Your mind wants you to think its you. It knows its suffering, will distract you, in the past this was thought of as demons, but I prefer a more psychological metaphor of it being your Persona, which thinks its you. It is not an enemy but it doesnt want Enlightenment, it want to be real, which it is not ,its not you, You are you. You are not thoughts and feelings about you, your you. A car is not our thoughts and feeling about the car, right?
You MUST get this in order to reach Enlightenment. This is Wisdom. of course there is ( as I stated before) Oneness; meaning non-duality, and Love, but most people get those but not Wisdom. All three. Love, Wisdom, and Oneness are the three aspects of something that can not really be put into words. Each of us comes to it one of these ways, that all lead to...

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