On March 4Th Heaven on EARTH BEGINS!!!!
What you didn't get the memo HahAHA!!!!
No just kidding
Lots of humor in this e-mail so relax

Ladies and Gentlemen
On March 4TH
6pm (pacific time)

the first world-round
teleconference with Raul Rosiles
People call in from all over the world
You call
We are together
We talk
have fun
Raul is the guest speaker on the call
of Al Diaz: author of The Titus Concept
for more info and to sign up go to

On March 8TH Sat. I will be at
The Awareness Center

1492 W. 6TH st Corona Ca 92882
I will be creating Soul Portraits all day
This event may book up before the day, so PLEASE CALL AHEAD!!!!!

On March 26TH I will be in New York City
@ Quest bookshop

240 E. 53rd st NY,NY 10022 (212)758-5521
Soul Based Living from the Heart
3pm seminar
Al Diaz: author of the Titus Concept
and I speak in Manhattan.

I would like to "speak" this time on how to read and write...
( Is he serious?!)
If you are just reading in one direction, and just the standard meaning of the words. Please know you are just getting the surface level information.
Now.. the person sending you text, via e-mail, in a book or magazine.. they may be sending out just that simple intent,
I mean at a conscious, level...

Let us take a deeper look at words
Look up the origin of the letter "L"
(on the Internet)
( too busy to do that???!!!)
angeLs names end in "EL" : Why??

The letter "U" looks like a cup.
The body is the vessel for YOU

The letter "Y" looks like a fork in the road.
WHY we take one way or the other is up to us.

The Beatles have a song called "let it be"
Let's move these letters around
be it tel...same letters....
....beittel= sounds like: Beatle
Listen to the words of the song. Really listen

I used to live in Glendale.
Lets move those letters around
Del Angel...meaning: Of the Angel.
By the way, Glendale is just North of
Los Angeles
Del is also a math symbol. But lets not get to carried away
Did you like the Matrix movies, not too much Kung Fu for you?
Neo: One

"The pen is mightier than the sword."
What do pens write? 
Words: same letters.
Now let's go deeper down the rabbit hole.
Inside the name Osiris is the name Isis.

In the old testament of the Bible it is written:
"Moses will not reach the promised land"
We are not the mind nor the observer listening to the mind talk.
The mind does not reach "the promised land"
The mind does not reach enlightenment. (All I can say is poetry.) "The mind melts into the vast ocean of Enlightenment."

There are several ways to crack the "code" of the Matrix of words.

Scrabble: mix up the words to see what seel is there
Backward: just read everything backward and see if anything is there!
Words within words: this is more difficult...
sounds like: this can work both forward and backward
I think I will stop there.
Sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar, however sometimes there isis more than meets the "EYE"
Maybe look at my name for the first time
can you find anything? e-mail me back, let me know
Look for the first time at your own name......
The main thing is InTENT
There may be hidden meaning, maybe not
If we can not ask the author we will never know
have nuf? Then you know what to do...



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