Today is forever

My journey of Spiritual self discovery began at three years old....
I was playing in my grandparents house and was going up and down the staircase between the two apartments of this old building. I had a moment of self realization in the stair well...this is the "I am here now" moment.
With this came an increase of perception , sight, sound, touch, everything went up like someone(!) had turned up the volume on all my senses...even color became more vivid..this expansion came with a voice in My three year old head saying
Fourty years later in a meditation I realized that the first letters of those words (A R T M)
contain the word Art, also ATM which is really Atom or Adam ( the individual self)
The big realization I had was that it sounds like ARTIMIS, THE GODDESS.
She is the twin sister of Apollo,
( remember my e-mail address , to TWI light, to twin lights?) I have always had a strong connection to twins.
I felt not only was I telling my self at three years old "Always remember this moment" of self realization, but also telling myself the name of Artimis.
....It is very possible that the voice was My Higher Self , perhaps my future, adult self
I was never the same after this moment at three years old.. In contrast , everything before this moment felt like a fog.
Starting in first grade, every day walking to school, I heard many voices, all teaching me something. One example was walking ( in Newark, NJ) to school and a voice said
"See all these trees, some were here before the houses. The road was not here, the houses were not here, just the trees and these rolling hills. Try to see everything that is before you, and what was before, and what might be."
This was said to me walking to school one day to my first grad class. Now many will think hearing unseen voices is crazy. Then every great person in history is crazy too.
Buddha, Jesus, Plato, the Shakespeare writers, Walt Whitman,
Moses, Honore De Balzac, I could go on and on...
They all think , feel, hear, and see what others can not. If you met someone that said the very same exact things it is written they said, you may think them very insane! However, this kind of person has amazing "convincing power". It is impossible to try and argue with them. There minds is like a blow-torch, it will burn everything up that is not the "truth". You will know you met a person like that ( if you could be so lucky) Your "world" will be larger after talking to them.
In My teens...My consciousness grew to the point that it could no longer stay in mass-consciousness ,which means the energy of the crowd (think of it as mob mentality)
I looked out My bedroom window one night ( I think I was thirteen) and said
" I refuse to believe this is all there is !!!!!!!!!" I simply could not except the reality my parents, church, school , and the media were selling me. I felt it was not true. There had to be more to life.
 time passed... I grew up...stuff happened...I went to "sleep" and "woke up" ..again and again...
I discovered a center called Look Within In in Arcadia.( I was living in Monrovia, a suburb of Pasadena).That center was like a school for Me. Most importantly for me, they had a weekly discussion and meditation and regular spiritual practice are both vital. We must look at our self through the mirror of other people.
I moved to Victorville in 1992. I began to meditate every day sometimes for hours ...
Having spoken to spirits my whole life, it was difficult to enter Oneness , non dual consciousness. It wasn't until I was 4o that that I began to realize all the angels, gods, and spirits were all "Me".There is only ONE. There is nothing outside of me. I am "that one" and "that one " is me.... However in 1992 there was a distinct "Raul" and his "higher self".
My Higher Self made contact with Me during meditation and would lecture Me for hours about all manner of subjects ,I took notes .I would walk for hours and began to recieve more information...I began to take notes while walking also..In 1998 in Victorville there was a little center called SilverSage...At a psychic fair I was drawing angels for people with colored pencil.
A man came over and asked "Can You draw what I need to see ?"..I said " I dont know but I'll try!' I made a picture of him with colors that felt right and a women in red robes next to him ..I had no idea why I created the picture the way I did...I said " This is whats comming to me ,does this mean anything to You ??"..He said " Sure, I've seen that red robed women all my life in my dreams ..I think she is my Spirit Guide.". At this point someone was looking over my shoulder and asked If I could draw something for her also. A long line formed that day of people wanting these drawings.

Today I create what I have come to call Soul Portraits. I paint in watercolor.
I have painted these soul Portraits in San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Maui.
In March I will be painting Soul Portraits in New York and speaking on Soul Based Living.
Both events will be in Manhattan. I will be in Manhattan with the amazing Al Diaz. We will be speaking on the same day. The exact day an place are still being planned.
Please check out his website.
Next year (2009)I will return to Japan to visit again and create Soul Portraits there.
You are also planning at this time. You are creating your future. you look forward with excitement, ( I trust!) Enjoy the day. Have fun. Relax. Also, may I be so bold as to suggest,
do something today that is in line with your dreams.
Today is the ground we plant tomorrow in. Become the person who is living your dreams. Today is forever.

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