Choose Your Thoughts, Don't Let Your Thoughts Choose Your Life

Every morning I start the day by visualizing.

My thoughts are like birds coming into

my body from the "realm "of persona.

Persona is the dimension where the story of life begins.

Not life but its story.

Various thoughts drift in from the window ( I imagine).

I have thoughts about my body,

my finances ,the current state of my car

As I wake up more fully,

I begin to select some thoughts as beneficial,

and I allow them into My head ...

Some seem not so good and I "see" them going back out the window ..

Try this visualization...See if any unwanted thoughts are less willing to go away ,

then others ...This is insightful....Use your imagination ....Next I begin to create

new thoughts , thoughts of a desired reality...

I could choose thoughts about anything of course,

like desires my persona wants, a house, clothes, a trip, stuff...

However these I leave for later in the day. For the morning I keep the choices

to the "bigger" stuff. I ask my self, "This morning, what are the best thoughts to have?"

I usually start with thinking about the Galaxy. I know that's weird.

However the fact I am a person living on a planet, in a solar system, which is in a galaxy...

This puts things into perspective. The perspective I find attractive anyway.

I think about the Earth. I think about the nature of time. I think things like

"where do thoughts come from?"or "since my body regrows all of its cells

every year or so, am I a copy?"

I think about being PRESENT in all the situations of the day, at work, at play,

with friends.

I don't get out of bed till I do this first mediation...I don't move .I focus .

I visualize ,I create ....Who am I being ?
If I get out of bed and I am a Universal Spirit living a human life time ,

then I have no limits. I can fulfill my life, make a difference in the world, anything..see what I mean ?

What thoughts you choose and who you are choosing to be before you get out of bed will make or break your day.

Don't fool yourself,you may not be able to choose your height or eye color, but you are absolutely choosing your body.

You choose by what exercise you do and what( and how much) you eat! You can set those intentions as you get up in the morning.

What I most want to convey is that we must choose are thoughts, not think whatever silly thoughts just pop up!

Be a thought editor.I am not saying deny certain thoughts as bad, not with judgment like that,no!

Rather everything , to me is o.k. to think. Then I CHOOSE which thoughts are most beneficial based on my values.

At the advanced level of choosing thoughts, we can meditate on having new thoughts, being open to new kinds of thinking.

At the personality level , if we want wealth, we must think wealthy thoughts. NOT thoughts of wealth, but the way wealthy people actually think! For health the same thing, for peace the same thing.Of course we must act on thoughts.Or rather action must take place. We must either move or something must move toward us.Either way movement must occur in space/time.

The reason positive affirmations (the laws of attraction ) rarely "work", is that who we are being determines our reality, not

what we think or do. Who WE ARE is the seed. We must change the character we are being,THEN are thoughts, then are actions.Just positive thinking will not work.No matter how much you water a cactus, it will not turn into a rose bush, you will just drown it!

However we must start somewhere, so choosing are thoughts is a great beginning. When we become more advanced in thinking about are thinking, we can ask "Who am I,who am I really?"Perhaps there is a very real YOU waiting for you to discover behind your subjective perceptions of yourself.

We must choose who we are being.This is the persona, the character in the play of life.

We must choose are thoughts.Our thoughts are the script for the play of life.

We must choose are actions, the play of life.

Raul RosilesComment