Your best friend

Your first moment upon awakening is your best friend. There is no pain, no stiffness, no worry, no thoughts, no judgments. There is no personality, no story, no agenda. Your first moment has no fear or anger. Then you "remember" your character. Your persona "mask". From this second minute or so of waking in the morning, you are not you. You have become this "memory matrix". YOU have fallen asleep...You may not awaken until the body falls asleep again....To BE AWAKE, in this world, you must have the courage to CHOOSE who you are in that first moment of awakening from sleep. Choose well. Then keep returning to the truth of your self, not your thoughts and feeling about you.  You can really the only moment you have: now... Get ready , here comes sleep time... The next morning you awaken, be free. Choose who you are. Note how many untruths the mind comes up with...It may say " I'm scared", I'm sad, or I'm angry"....You are not any of these.
Your mind is it's mental/emotional spectrum state. You are...YOU. I look forward to meeting the real you....
The royal you. I am Raul Rosiles, founder of Soul Based Living. Nice to meet you.

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