The Mind is Talking

" I am" laying the ground work for international travel that will
begin after 9/9/09 which is the official launch of "Soul Based Living"
Some of you have inquired as to more details about my future travel plans,however I can only say at this time the plan is 1: New York 2: Tokyo 3: London...that is all that is clear at this time.
The only really new news is....I have been seeing very large oil painted Soul Portraits in meditation!This is very exciting and will be the next evolution of my work since switching from colored pencil long ago (anyone reading this have a colored pencil Soul Portrait from me, I would love a photo!)
Here below is the Soul Based Living essay for May/June
This is one of the most esoteric I have ever written, so
I recommend some deep breaths, stretching ,jumping jacks, and just get ready!
THE WORDS I am using are my intent squashed down into human words in three dimensional space/time,I can not really say anything to you directly, teach you anything, or even make any kind of contact with you ,or ever prove I exist( You can not hear Cosmic words, and I can not speak with human language, so what follows is a poetic "shadow" being cast down into your space /time.)
I am
enlightenment it SELF, and I recognize that
"I AM"....Until this spring, Raul thought this "I Am"
was a state humans call
however ....
Enlightenment as people so often describe it ( as a state, or goal of a human to reach ) is FALSE!!!!!!
No such
enlightenment can be...Enlightenment is ITSELF
and can not be reached....The aspect of a human that
WANTS, including wanting
enlightenment, absolutely can not reachenlightenment .Wanting is wanting, and creates more wanting, Enlightenment ,if any can exist, is something transcendental, beyond space and time, and is in no way a THING that can be reached, by any process,under any circumstances.Enlightenment is not at the end of a journey, it is only ITSELF, and only can recognize that it is present with in a person.Not only does the person not achieve Enlightenment ,but the person actually looses them self! This is the death Jesus talked about.( " you must be born again")The Personality does not cease, but is never again deluded that it is alive, but knows it is a story in the brain of the human.The personality is only the mind talking and lives only by reflected light of what ever vital living force may be within the human.
Enlightenment knows the mind is talking and that those words have no power or real meaning to it.Like going thru Alice's mirror; The Personality becomes a concept, when it used to be "Me"/ Myself/I within....
The Personality, which used to think it was the master of the body, realizes it is just another aspect of the organism, like the hand, it is as if your hand thought it was you ,only to discover the existence of the brain
The brain then realizes it is just another apart of the whole. It is not the life force. The "death"then is a loss of illusion....The whole "Me" that was talking in the "MIND" is just a character in the story of life.
No more "REAL" then a video game character... The persona could be let go of,exchanged,or improved. Angers, fears, and limiting beliefs "die" along with what was keeping them "real" The Persona....
If you are AWAKENED,(as Buddha said) You know you are not the mind that is talking, and all it says, its fears,angers, and limits, have little power over you.
All suffering is because the mind is talking.
All suffering is because the mind thinks it is the IAM
that is you....However the total bliss,eternal peace that is marketed ,thru such books/seminars/religions/
philosophies etc...with titles like Science of Joy, Art of Happiness,
Reality of Bliss, etc...our taught by those that have deluded themselves or our deluding others, or both!
Without anger,fear, and limits,what is wonderful about living would have no context. Without shadow, the light would have no dimension and would be invisible! Without time, space could not be observed, without space, time could not be observed!!!!!!!! Emotions are natural.....

Enlightenment knows it "IS" and the persona continues to exist. still sometimes afraid, sad, angry.etc....The Being within you ( if any can exist) knows it is/ is not that, and the degree of suffering is extremely reduced. When your personality is sad, for example. it feels more like your child is sad, you do not slit your wrists, rather, you have compassion for your personality.LOVE .
In a very simple way: I can say this,
from the Persona's perspective, 
ENLIGHTNMENT is the end of the journey, the "goal"
from ENLIGHTNMENT'S perspective, this transformation is a beginning,
rather than feeling "Holy" or "Wise" or perfected, the newly "Born" ENLIGHTENMENTfeels like a baby, soft,floppy, however also explosively alive

It is New Born and must relearn everything, eating, sleeping,bathing,everything feels new, "how best to do this or that, stop doing this? start this new thing or that?" etc....
seeing,hearing,talking,reading,writing...everything has to be rethought from scratch!
Everything is new. "Reality" it self becomes very flexible.
This does not sound very close to what I ACTUALLY want to say, but is as close as I can get at this time in three dimensions.
By dimensions- I do not mean that in a New Agey way, I mean angles, horizontal,vertical,and depth, then a fourth angle, fifth, etc......I think some mysterious phenomena may be multidimensional aspects of reality....
"HERE" but just in 5/d or 7/d etc.....Science may devise instruments to record these.....
For a start there is now a sculpture at Penn state Univ.
of a four dimensional cube. Not it self but it's 3/d shadow.

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